Mystic Music Group, in association with Mystic360VR and the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair presents the Summer of Music video production Sale. For a limited time we are offering full music video production packages with a variety of format options. We will bring your vision to high definition, 3D or 360° life. MMG will help you launch and promote your video on the latest video platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and other Virtual Reality content outlets. Videos will also play all weekend on 200” projection screen during the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair this October promoted to thousands of visitors. Virtual Reality is here! It is the dawn of a new phase in media and entertainment bringing everything into a new dimension. At MMG & Mystic360VR we are focused on developing unique Ultra-HD 4K 360° video and interactive Virtual Reality content. Our services for businesses and entertainment provide a leap into the next evolution in media. 360° and VR can help you reach a broader client base and enhance your existing website and social media campaigns. Those who don't have access to a VR headset can still enjoy 360° entertainment with interactive video's played on standard web browsers or with a smartphone. No one is left behind in this journey of Virtual Reality and immersive experiences. Prices for videos: 360: regular $200 $100 per minute with $250 minimum HD: regular $150 $100 per minute with $250 minimum 3D: regular $175 $100 per minute with $250 minimum LIVE PERFORMANCES in any format 360,HD or 3D:
 regular $125 $100 per Hour with 1 hour minimum Installment Payments Available.